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While I like to make use of beautiful studs available, that compliments my dams, I am very proud of the studs I have!

Retired sire's will be placed in retired homes. If you are interest in a retired boy as a pet, check the Available page or Contact me.

Painted Zorro - Orange Sable Parti Factor Pomeranian
Cha Troy Rolo - Cream Sable Pomeranian
Elvio Cesar'oso - Cream Pomeranian

Browdeen Painted Zorro of Meynadel

Picotiques Cha Troy Rolo of Meynadel

Browdeen Elvio Cesar'oso  of Meynadel

Click on the photo for the Sire's full information

Ambers Shamus - Orange Pomeranian

Browdeen Ambers Shamus of Meynadel


Meynadel Conor De Shamus - Orange Pomeranian

Meynadel Conor De Shamus

Meynadel Travieso Zorro - Orange Parti Pomeranian

Meynadel Travieso Zorro

Meynadel Mio Bamboleos - Orange Parti Pomeranian

Meynadel Mio Bamboleos

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