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All my Pomeranians are registered, micro chipped, vaccinated, wormed and health checked before they leave my kennel. Restricted Registration papers will only be forwarded on receipt of a Sterilization certificate. The results of their final health check are recorded on their veterinary files by my veterinarian and in their vaccination booklet, which accompanies them when they leave. In most cases the puppy will be available 14 days after this Vet check, unless I think that the puppy is still too small and would benefit from staying here for a longer period of time. All puppies are individuals and we all want what is in the best interests of your new Pomeranian puppy.


You will be obligated by our Contract to verify the health of your Pomeranian puppy by a licensed veterinarian within 48 hours of arrival at his or her destination (or if taking physical possession of the puppy yourself) and advise me of the results. I will advise you to pre-arrange, well in advance, a consultation with your veterinarian expressly for that purpose. I would like to make new puppy owners aware of the risks associated with travelling and contact with other dogs etc. before the puppy course of vaccinations is complete. I urge that all care is taken with the puppy, including limiting your new pup's outings until at least the 14 week vaccination. Please see my page about Communicable Diseases.


Meyn-Adel Pomeranians has done everything possible to produce healthy, sound, social, happy puppies that embodies the characteristics of the Pomeranian Breed Standard by breeding only sound, healthy, well socialized and friendly adults, by raising this puppies in the best way possible in regards to diet, exercise, clean housing, vaccination and worming schedules, socialization and veterinary care.


You can rest assured that I do not knowingly use Sire's or Dam's in my breeding program that have, or have produced, serious health problems - no matter how much I have paid to acquire the Sire or Dam or what the cost implications are for eliminating him or her from my breeding program. If outside Sire's are used, I will do my at most best to make sure that the sire is of outstanding quality and heath, to ensure the future of my kennel.



Puppies are priced individually according to quality, sex and age at which the puppy will be sold and the complexity and cost of requirements for sending the puppy to you. When you purchase one of my puppies, you don't just get the puppy, but the benefit of all the time I spent getting the puppy to this point and the enormous investment of energy and money I have put into my dogs. My pricing reflects the superior care, temperament, health, bloodlines and the quality behind my Pomeranians at a still reasonable price. Please Contact me for more information about pricing.


The purchase price of a Pomeranian pup is a minimal investment compared to the emotional investment and/or the vet bills you will pay, if you are unfortunate to purchase a poor quality and/or sickly dog from an unregistered breeder, registered Backyarder or a pet shop puppy.


Sales conducted over the Internet via email are legally binding and are considered part of a written contract. Refusal to complete payment for any Pomeranian puppy and/or adult dog bought at Meyn-Adel Pomeranians will result in that buyer forfeiting the dog and any funds paid towards that specific puppy and/or dog, at my discretion. Any buyer that pays for a Pomeranian and refuses to accept that dog is subject to fees and fines for the housing, care, and any other expenses having to do with that specific dog for the time that the dog was held. The amount of the fees or fines will vary depending on the amount of time the Pomeranian was held when the expenses incurred. This amount is not limited to forfeiting the entire cost of the dog if the buyer fails to complete the purchase of the dog held, while expenses were being incurred. If the buyer fails to collect the puppy or dog bought from Meyn-Adel Pomeranians within six (6) months time from the date of sale, the buyer will forfeit that puppy or dog and I reserve the right to re-sell the dog in order to cover for any and all expenses incurred during this time. The transfer of funds is an agreement to these terms and conditions. The puppy or dog will be transferred to the new owner as soon as possible, after the full payment has been made.
Meyn-Adel Pomeranians assumes no financial responsibility after the Pomeranian leaves the premises.


Puppies and/or adult dogs that need to be transported will be transported with the most economical, but most reliable, means available. Freight must be pre-paid by the new owner and will be NON-REFUNDABLE, should the dog be returned for any reason. In the case that a replacement dog is requested, all the transport and out-of-pocket expenses is for the buyers account. A clean airline approved shipping crate will be included in the transportation price, unless other arrangements have been made. Please Contact me for more information regarding the Transport.


In addition to the price of the puppy, there is a flat rate fee which covers just about everything else except shipping in most cases. Please send me an Email for a list of what's included in this fee.


A Deposit is required to hold a puppy for you. Puppies will not be held without a deposit. A minimum of R1,500.00 deposit will secure you a place on my waiting list, or reserve the puppy of your choice. The R1,500.00 deposit will go towards the purchase price. The deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE.


Meyn-Adel Pomeranians do not give refunds on deposits for any reason. The deposit is refundable only if something goes wrong with the puppy or dog while he or she is still in the care of Meyn-Adel Pomeranians and no other suitable puppy or dog is available at that time. However, this deposit is good for any mutually agreed upon future litter and will thus not expire. The deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE if you cancel for ANY reason after the commitment was made. 


If you decided to put a deposit down on a newborn or puppy up to 4 week old, and he or she grows to be a different color than what you wanted, or you see a puppy still available that you like more, you may apply your deposit to the other puppy that is still available. If there are no other puppies available at that time that you like, you may apply the deposit to a future litter. This is only good until the puppy you picked turns six (6) weeks of age. When the puppy you picked turns six (6) weeks of age your deposit will be NON TRANSFERABLE. I can NOT and will NOT make any exceptions to this rule, Sorry. The TRANSFER option is good for ONE TIME ONLY, after that there is NO TRANSFER option available.  So if you decide to change your mind be 100% sure the other puppy is what you want.


48 Hour Refund/ Return Policy

You will have 48 hours from the time your puppy or adult dog arrives at his or her destination to evaluate him or her from a health, temperament and conformation perspective and decide if you want to keep the puppy or the adult dog or not. You must have the dog health checked by a licensed veterinarian in this period (48 hours from arrival) at your own expense and inform me of any issues or concerns immediately! Failure to procure this health check will invalidate any and all warranties on the dog.


If the buyer is not satisfied with the veterinarian's results and findings, a replacement puppy or dog will be given or a refund will be given on the purchase price. But the Deposit and the registration costs will be Non-Refundable. The replacement or refund will only be awarded under the following conditions:

1.) A report of the veterinarian's findings must be given. A second opinion can be requested. If this is the case, the second report must also be given.

2.) The original dog must be returned within 5 days of arrival, accompanied by ALL the original documentation and the hamper provided.  

If you decide you don't want the dog for any other reason, you can send him or her back for a replacement or refund in accordance with the terms of the Contract within 5 days from the date of shipment.  There are non-refundables as agreed to in the contract, and the buyer is responsible for all out-of-pocket expenses related to the sale including the round-trip transportation. 


The original dog must be returned, accompanied by the original registered pedigree document, veterinarian booklet, health declaration and gift hamper. No refund will be provided, no adjustments to the price will be made, nor will a replacement dog be provided under any circumstances or for any reason, unless and until the original dog is returned to me at your own expense. I will not take any compensatory action unless you return the original dog!


This stipulation in our 48 Hour Return/Refund Policy is reflected in all our Contracts. The original dog must be returned before we will take any compensatory or remedial action no matter what conformation or health defect is claimed for the dog. If you do not wish to return the original dog, that is your decision. But please understand that refusal to return the original dog in accordance with the terms of our contract and sales policies, voids your Health Warranty. You may keep the dog OR have a refund or a replacement, but not both.

Health Warranty

Health Warranty

The one year health warranty is only applicable when buying a puppy bred by Meyn-Adel Pomeranians. When buying or selling dogs both the buyer and the breeder recognize and acknowledges that no dog is perfect and that there is a possibility of unknown genetic and/or congenital (i.e., there at birth but not necessarily genetic) defects at time of sale which may present at a later time. The risk of most genetic and/or congenital defects is recognized in our Contract with a one-year-from-date-of-sale warranty for young puppies. The date of sale is the date you sign the contract and/or make a first payment, whether this is payment in full or in part, whichever comes first.


Everything possible has been done to keep each and every puppy and adult dog healthy and happy. I cannot guarantee against any external or internal parasites, viruses, bacteria or allergy reactions, once the Pomeranian has left my care. I cannot and will not take any responsibility for any communicable diseases, injury, illnesses or death to the puppy after the delivery or pick-up was made. There are many factors that can influence growth and development of the puppy, such as diet, early nurturing and proper attention, exercise, handling, training, housing, environment and attitude in care.


All puppies need to be inoculated at 6, 10, 14 and 18 weeks of age. Meyn-Adel Pomeranians will assume the responsibility to inoculate puppies at six (6) and (10) weeks. All extra inoculations done by Meyn-Adel Pomeranians (i.e. on 4 or 8 weeks of age), before the puppy is handed over, is done so to ensure the wellbeing of the puppy and will NOT be considered as a replacement inoculation. This is VERY important to insure good health to the puppy. No puppy will be allowed to leave the premises of Meyn-Adel Pomeranians before the age of eight (8) weeks old! It is preferable that all puppies stay in my care until the ten (10) week inoculation was done to limit the chances for the puppy to be subjected to Communicable diseases. If and when the new owner decides to take the puppy before the 10 week inoculation, it will be done at his or her own risk. It is recommended that the puppy should NOT be taken out on trips or into the public until the FULL series of protective vaccinations was completed to ensure minimal exposure to such diseases. Be advised to keep your new puppy's inoculations and worming up to date, to secure the validity of your Health Warranty. These inoculations MUST be done by a licensed veterinarian and all receipts must be kept as proof of this. Meyn-Adel Pomeranians will not take any responsibility for any illness or death to a puppy that was caused as a direct result of negligence in obtaining the inoculations. See my policy regarding Return/Refund. 


You have 48 hours from the time that the puppy arrived at his or her destination to have him or her checked by a licensed veterinarian to verify his or her health status and validate your warranty. If the puppy is not checked by a Veterinarian within the 48 hour period, this one year health warranty will be null and void. So it is VERY important that you follow up with your veterinarian within the 48 hours and keep your receipts. If you are not satisfied with the results of the vet check, you must notify me immediately! Please see my policy regarding the 48 Hour Refund/Return Policy.


In the unlikely event of a congenital health issue, it must be fully diagnosed and documented by a licensed veterinarian, and may require a second opinion by another licensed veterinarian for verification. If a genetic and/or congenital defect presents within the warranty period, I will replace the dog with one that I consider to be of equal value, color, gender and approximate size as the original puppy purchased, at once or when available, provided that a letter from the examining veterinarian(s) is offered for my records as evidence of the dog's condition. If the buyer insists on having a replacement puppy or dog that is of greater value than the original puppy, the difference must be settled before the replacement puppy or dog is collected or delivered. In the Health Warranty, No refund will be given, only a replacement puppy or dog. This will be done in accordance with the terms of my Contract upon return of the original dog. All transport and out-of-pocket expenses is the responsibility of the buyer as stated in my Contract.


The original dog must be returned, accompanied by the original registered pedigree document, veterinarian booklet, health declaration and veterinarian(s) reports. No refund will be provided, no adjustments to the price will be made, nor will a replacement dog be provided under any circumstances or for any reason, unless and until the original dog is returned to me at your own expense. I will not take any compensatory action unless you return the original dog!


If your puppy should die of a fatal genetic defect within its first year of life, a full Necropsy and/or autopsy report will be requested. The original dog will only be replaced when a report of the death from a licensed veterinarian, accompanied by the Necropsy and/or Autopsy report is provided, together with the original veterinarian booklet. It must be determined that the death of the puppy was as a direct result of a genetic factor to receive a replacement puppy or dog. The dog will then be replaced as soon as another litter is available. Neglect and/or accidental death is NOT the responsibility of the breeder and NO refund nor replacement puppy or dog will be given.


This Health Warranty doesn't cover things that happen to the puppy or dog in the new owners home that can cause injury or death, or things that are NOT fatal such as, but not limited to, Hypoglycemia, Giardia, Hernia, Hip Dysplasia, CoccidiosisLuxating Patella, HydrocephalusBSD, Thyroid conditions, Heart Murmur, Epilepsy and Communicable diseases.


Replacements are null and void if the dog's inoculations and worming is NOT up to date or when a dog has been used for breeding without a Breeding Contract. No exchanges will be made after this period, and no cash refunds will be made under any circumstances.


Please note that a replacement is the only option in accordance with the terms of my Contract!

48 Hour Policy

Return/Refund Policy


All deposits are fully refundable if something goes wrong with the puppy while he or she is still in the care of Meyn-Adel Pomeranians, but are non-refundable if you cancel for any other reason. Please see my policy regarding the Deposit.


In order to qualify for either a refund (NOT on the Deposit) or a replacement, all the puppy or dog's inoculations and worming must be kept up to date. Failure to keep the inoculations up to date will result in the Contract being null and void and the Heath Warranty will expire! Meyn-Adel Pomeranians does not take any responsibility for any illness or death to a puppy or dog, which was caused as a direct result of negligence in obtaining the inoculations.


Meyn-Adel Pomeranians does not assume any liability for any communicable diseases, illness, injury or death to the puppy after delivery or pick-up, since the puppy has already had at least two sets of vaccinations and tree sets of worming and the puppy has been examined by the Vet before delivery or pick-up and he or she was found to be in a healthy condition. Meyn-Adel Pomeranians will NOT be held liable for ANY Vet bills after the puppy has left my home.


The buyer has 48 hours from the puppy or dog's arrival time, to have the dog checked by a licensed veterinarian to verify his or her health status. If the buyer is not satisfied with this result, he or she is to notify me immediately! In order to get a refund for this puppy or dog, the veterinarian result must be provided. The Deposit and registration fee is Non-refundable but transferable. The transport and veterinarian fees are for the buyers account. Please see my policy regarding the 48 Hour Refund/Return Policy.


My puppies come with a 30-day return guarantee (100% refund: 1-15 days after the date of delivery and 75% refund: 16-30 days after the date of delivery), it doesn't matter why you return the puppy, you don't even have to give a reason. This refund however, is only applicable to the purchase price and you will thus be held liable to pay fees and/or fines and/or any other expenses that have been obtained. The Deposit and the registration fee will be non-refundable.


There is also a written one year genetic health replacement warranty. In the unlikely event that a puppy presents a genetic and/or congenital defect within the one year warranty period, the puppy will be replaced with one that I consider to be of equal value.  Replacement is the only option and the original dog must be returned. Please see my policy regarding the Health Warranty.


Transportation and any other out-of-pocket expenses on the original or any replacement puppy or dog are the responsibility of the buyer and are therefore non-refundable.



If you want to buy a pomeranian puppy or dog for breeding purposes, you must inform me of this before you make any deposits and/or payments towards any specific puppy or dog. Not all puppies or dogs is breeding prospect, and therefore needs to be carefully selected.


When buying a puppy for breeding prospect, both the buyer and the breeder acknowledge and agree that it is not possible to predict the exact size, conformation and color that the puppy will be as an adult, and therefore no dog can be returned as result of this factor.


If it so happens that a deposit or payment has been made on a puppy that is no longer up to standard at the age of six (6) weeks, the puppy will be replaced with a puppy that I consider to be of equal value, color and gender as the original puppy purchased, at once or when available. The Deposit is non-refundable, but transferable.

I will take my dogs back at any time, at any age! My philosophy is that if you do not want a Meyn-Adel Dog, then I don't want you to have my dog. I take responsibility for his or her entire life. If a Meyn-Adel Pomeranian needs to be re-homed, then I prefer to do that myself. And if I can't find a suitable home, I will keep the Pom.


All pomeranians bought from Meyn-Adel Pomeranians are to be returned to Meyn-Adel Pomeranians, without compensation, if the owner ceases to own them for ANY reason. Surrender to any veterinarian, emergency clinic, or shelter, for ANY reason, is a DIRECT VIOLATION of this Contract and can lead to litigation against all parties. The owner agrees to not sell, trade, or re-home this dog without the express signed written consent and approval of the breeder. Meyn-Adel Pomeranians also reserves the right to reclaim this dog, with no compensation to the owner, if the dog is mistreated or neglected. The owner would then be required to relinquish full ownership of the dog to Meyn-Adel Pomeranians. The owner would then be responsible for any and all veterinary costs incurred as a result of said mistreatment and/or neglect. Breach of these terms on re-homing will result in a R5,000.00 penalty for liquidated damages.


In the event that there is a restriction (not allowed to be bred) placed on a puppy, this puppy must be sterilised. This operation must be done between the age of 6 months and 8 months of age. Your puppy's Registration Certificate will NOT be forwarded to you until I have a copy of the veterinarian sterilization certificate, which must be signed by a licensed veterinarian and must include the puppy's microchip number. Full ownership will be transferred to the new owner, in the event that anything unforeseen happens to me (such as death).


If the puppy is not sterilized before or on the day that he or she turns nine (9) months of age, the contract will be null and void and the Health Warranty will expire! It is the responsibility of the owner to make sure that the breeder gets the required documentation in order to secure the Heath Warranty. Please see my Policy regarding the Health Warranty.


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Download Contract

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