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I bought my first Pomeranian (Duches Dolores - aka. Dolla) from Browdeen Pomeranians. Being alone, with no one to play with, I of course just had to buy another. La Punk Rocker - aka. Lara, arrived a month later. I simply fell in love with this adorable, loving breed and am now a proud breeder and exhibitor of Pomeranians.

The name of my Kennel Meyn-Adel is a combination of my name Adelé and my soon to be surname Meyntjes. Meyn-Adel is registered at KUSA (Kennel Union of South Africa) and I strive to be recognised one day as a reputable breeder. All puppies are registered with KUSA and micro chipped, before they join their new forever homes.

I live on a big farm outside of Pietersburg in South Africa. I pride myself as owner and handler into keeping them in a clean home-like environment, where they can get lots of socialization and playtime. I select forever homes for my little ones very carefully, as it is important that each and every puppy or adult I produce has the very best home possible. I take pride in them and only want the best for them. I strive for quality and good temperament with every breeding, as each breeding I produce is carefully thought out and planned. I work very hard to improve Pomeranians as a breed! Pomeranians are my life and therefore I devote my time to care for my Pomeranians.

My dream is to show my own Pomeranians at KUSA shows and will be really proud to breed show winners through out the world one day.

I want to say a special thanks to Erica van der Linde and Corrie Brown of Browdeen Pomeranians.

Erica, from the beginning you where there for me, helping me with friendliness and kindness. You are always willing to assist with whatever I need. You have become so much more than just my tutor and mentor.

I also want to thank Corrie Brown for her assistance and words of wisdom. Your honesty, no matter how harsh it my be, is always so appreciated!

Browdeen's presence and love is in the success I now enjoy and in time to come. Appreciation and gratitude is two very small words and doesn't even come close to what I really feel. Thank you so much for everything you do and for investing in me!

Browdeen Duches Dolores


Lauette La Punk Rocker


To Magda Engelbrecht of Top Dog, I also want to say thanks for all the information and video's on grooming. For all the good advice about products for healthy coats and endless conversations, filled with tips! Without your help, I would still be struggling to improve my grooming. Hopefully, I will soon be as good as you and make my Poms show winners!

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