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New  litters  have  arrived!!!

Check out  the  Puppy  Page  to find  your  perfect  new  companion.

Meynadel Valkea Lilja of Browdeen

Pomeranians are truly one of the joys of live and a dream come true for me! Their inquisitive and bubbly personalities, warm the heart and their loving temperament nurtures the soul. I am truly blessed.

All my adults are KUSA registered dogs. I am totally passionate about Pomeranians and strive for excellence in quality, soundness, temperament and health, as indicated by the breed standard. I pride myself in my high morals and ethics and to improve the Pomeranian breed.

Meynadel Winzige Krumel

I don't just breed puppies,    I enjoy them!

Take a look at my website, have some fun and learn more about Pomeranians.

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